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[…]These are not merely stripped-down acoustic arrangements; they’re not just de-metalized. Rather, songs have been rearranged, reimagined and transformed – not only in terms of genre, but also with their general feeling and emotions. And the transformations reside in vocal phrasing; tempos; time signatures; as well as the music itself. Aside from the lyrics, it’s almost as if Driving Mrs. Satan have taken the very basic components of each song and rebuilt them from the ground up in a diverse act of imaginative flair.[…]

I guarantee that every single time I am sat in a coffee shop listening to the laidback, relaxing music that accompanies my drink of choice I will tell anyone within earshot that if I had my own coffee shop – which, to those of you who love both wordplay and knowledge of my life goals, would be called, You For Coffee? – I would have the Napoli-based indie folk outfit Driving Mrs. Satan playing at all times. […]

[…] Did You Mrs Me? is another tremendous offering from Driving Mrs. Satan. It’s always refreshing to hear a new spin on some old classics and Driving Mrs. Satan have got this down to a fine art. […]

[…] Un disco che si rivela piacevole e interessante all’ascolto, perchè innovativo nelle intenzioni e riuscitissimo nei risultati. […] L’ Unità

[…] Un piccolo capolavoro, con un finale onirico. […] Il Fatto Quotidiano

[…]These are metal songs you can play to your grandma without her noticing. Or which you can subtly pipe through a classroom without getting in trouble from your boss (maybe). […] Moshville Times

[…] Die Songauswahl zeugt von Geschmack und Fachwissen, und die Interpretationen hab en eine immense Eingängigkeit, die bereits die Kollegen von der ARD überzeugen konnte […]

[…]tra pezzi di Megadeth e Voivod, Slayer, Queensryche e Venom che in fondo fanno a pezzi l’idea machista dell’heavy metal: il re è nudo e forse transgender.[…] Il Mattino

[…]possono andar fieri del loro lavoro, perché funziona, ha personalità, la classica sensazione di “cover di…” qui si perde nella bellissima voce di Claudia Sorvillo (evidente valore aggiunto) e nella solidità degli arrangiamenti.[…]

[…]Immerhin hat man als Metaller jetzt die Gelegenheit, seine Songs in jede Party zu schmuggeln, ohne dass es jemand merkt.[…]

[…]Slayer, Queensryche, Metallica oder Iron Maiden: Sie alle bekommen ihr Fett weg – und das auf eine so liebevolle Weise, dass den Italienern einfach niemand böse sein kann. […]

[…]  Das ist wirklich musikalisch und gesanglich ganz stark umgesetzt und jeder, der auch ein offenes Ohr hat bzw. seine Freundin mal mit “seinen” Hits überrachen will, sollte diese Band unterstützen. Wird öfters laufen. […]

[…] While “Hungry For Heaven”, “Iron Man” or “Caught Somewhere In Time” sound, I see me running through green meadows, the sun is shining in my face – It’s a Wonderful Life “For Whom The Bell Tolls” is gorgeous, and just too fragile.[…]

[…]Heavy Metal verbindet man mit brachialer Gitarrengewalt und kreischend-aggressivem Gesang. Das italienische Quartett Driving Mrs. Satan dreht dieses Klischee kurzerhand ins Gegenteil um: Sängerin Claudia Sorvillo, Bassist Giacomo Pedicini, Gitarrist Valerio Middione und Schlagzeuger Antonio Esposito nehmen sich knallharte Rock-Nummern vor, um sie in ruhige Folk-Pop-Songs zu verwandeln.[…]

[…]Svakako se isplati baciti uho jer je ekipa skovala nešto neuobičajeno i originalno u današnjoj najezdi tipičnim obrada heavy metal klasika stoga tko voli nek izvoli![…]



Older press..

[…] Driving Mrs Satan should be praised for not sticking to the obvious tracks when producing this type of album. There is no Enter Sandman, Ace of Spades or Paranoid. They’ve gone for quality over popularity and the love they have for these tracks shines through like smiling beams of nostalgia.[…]

[…] Ob man Black Sabbath’s „Never Say Die“ lieber mit treibendem Schlagzeug und E-Gitarren-Solo oder mit jazzigem Walking Bass und gepfiffenem Outro hört, muss zwar letztendlich jeder selbst entscheiden, der Ansatz des Trios ist allerdings sowohl frisch als auch interessant und dank überzeugender musikalischer Umsetzung ist „Popscotch“ für alle, die gerne einmal über den musikalischen Tellerrand hinausschauen, definitiv ein Antesten wert.[…]
[…] when I got an email about this band and saw “acoustic heavy metal” I put it on thinking I would get a laugh. Instead, I found they have beautiful arrangements, gorgeous vocals, and I like it better than the original.[…]

[…] and suddenly I find myself loving a London cum Naples girl/boy twee folk muzak rendition of the inimitable classic because – hush hush, now – I guess I’ve always wanted to make out to this track without the threat of having my teeth ripped out […]

[…] What is most startling about Driving Mrs. Satan is their interpretations of the songs. As well as showing a deep understanding and insight into heavy metal, the quality of the original songs is maybe even accentuated by the bands frankly lovely, folk tinged indie pop that the group play. […]

[…] So how did the idea of turning metal songs into indie pop tracks started?  […]

 […] Now think of some of your favorite songs but have them arranged in folk music stylings?  In your mind, is that impossible?  Not for the guys in Driving Mrs. Satan, who have taken Metallica’s “Battery”, Iron Maiden’s “Killers”, and Anthrax’s “Caught In A Mosh” and have turned them into potential folk anthems.  […]

[…] This should probably irritate the hell out of me, given that, for the most part, I don’t even like indie pop. And yet, I love these. I mean, they’re barely even real covers — the group often utilizes little more than the lyrics from the original song (although there are exceptions, like the AC/DC cover). Maybe that’s why they work? I dunno, I dunno, I just know I really enjoy these.  […]

[…] they even manage to make Metallica’s “Battery” sound like a great shiny sweet pop tune. They keep the lyrics and somehow the melodic structures, but the tunes are completely (luckily) new, showing sometimes a jazzy, others pure pop range, but always delicate, seductive (Claudia’s voice is a killer) and inviting. Raise your hands, shake you head and yell: Long live to the new Brothers of Indiepop Metal!

[…] Ecco, allora, che gli Iron Maiden divengono il sottofondo ideale per rilassarsi in poltrona e gli AC/DC colonna sonora perfetta per una cena romantica […]

[…] il risultato è spiazzante e magnetico.
[…]Pat Boone che canta Crazy Train? No di certo. Apocalyptica? Nulla a che fare. L’idea dei Driving Mrs. Satan va oltre e si basa sul concetto di melodia, rendendo ben chiaro di come sia universale la musica, dove uno strumento diverso o una distorsione diversa sono capaci di cambiare completamente le carte in tavola. In un certo senso reinventano il concetto di unplugged, rendendo dolci e armoniose canzoni famose per essere esplosive. Ogni ricostruzione (non si tratta di cover, ma di ricostruzioni!) ha il suo fascino e la sua aura magica[…]

[…]Va premiata l’assoluta originalità e bisogna riconoscere che alcune di queste canzoni non sono facili da immaginare in versione acustica ma loro sono molto bravi e le rendono perfettamente. Certo senza assoli veloci e toni distorti, anzi con tanta carineria e dolcezza.[…]

[…] Guys! This is probably the best video we’ll get all week! It’s a charming acoustic cover of Metallica’s ‘Battery’ […]

[…]E allora ecco la magica “Never say die” dei Black Sabbath”, l’ipnotica “Killers” degli Iron Maiden, l’inossidabile “Battery” dei Metallica, passare ad altri suoni, altri arrangiamenti, altri concetti, altro tipo di fruibilità.[…]

[…] L’idea di coverizzare dei brani metal sfrondandoli della strumentazione elettrica, di per sé non sarebbe una novità, ma è il modo in cui viene trasformato e rimodellato un genere musicale che è, per antonomasia, il più rumoroso e il meno rassicurante, a rendere speciale un’operazione del genere.[…]
[…]However the reality is that with the right push Driving Mrs Satan could well be huge with the unwashed masses who wouldn’t know Black Sabbath’s “Never Say Die”, where melancholy whistling closes proceedings, from KT Tunstall, or Anthrax’s “Caught In A Mosh”, here recounted as an almost medieval chant and strum, with jazzy brass, from Bjork. However with the choices not only being the “expected” Metal classics, there’s also the knowing nod of affection that having the smarts to cover tracks like “Killed By Death” by Motorhead, or “Battery” by Metallica, rather than say “Ace Of Spades” and “Enter Sandman” that will also draw those with stronger Metallic leanings to this excellently constructed vision. The trick comes from keeping these songs recognisable, while still being totally different to the originals and it is something Driving Mrs Satan do with admirable ease.[…]

[…]Ironici, simpatici, preparati, alternativi. […]

[…]se si presta la dovuta attenzione, magari provando ad ascoltare in successione entrambe le versioni, si può percepire chiaramente che la natura originaria anche in quei brani non è andata smarrita e che la loro essenza permane, pur se sfrondata dalla strumentazione canonica  […]

[…]From Iron Maiden’s “Can I Play With Madness?” to a truly novel take on Anthrax’s “Caught In A Mosh,” the songs — as the band’s Facebook says — are heavy metal made easier. Yet, for the songs being stripped of the speed and heaviness, there emerges the root melody and lyricism inherent in these songs oft-derided as meatheaded. […]

[…]I encourage you to explore, and to keep these metalheads in mind.

[…]ad allietare le nostre orecchie e nel contempo a far gridare allo scandalo i true metaller più true. […]—popscotch.htm

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