Upcoming Dates


May 17   >    Sala 2. Cines Groucho   >   Santander   >   Spain
May 18    >  La Salvaje  >   Oviedo  >   Spain
May 19    >   Cafe de la Palma   >  Madrid   >   Spain
May 20   >   Cotton Club   >    Bilbao   >    Spain


DMS’s past tour dates are on Bands In Town

The band is actively gigging in Europe, playing acoustic covers of heavy metal classics.Driving Mrs. Satan are four italian musicians, composers and songwriters with a passion for heavy metal and extensive experience in jazz and folk, theatre work, and session work.

Promoters, live music venues, theaters, clubs and anyone interested in getting information or make a booking enquiry can contact

Popscotch‘  and ‘Did You Mrs. Me?’ are published by Agualoca Records and distributed by Audioglobe in Italy, BSMF in Japan, and V2 in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, Indigo in Germany, Harmonia Mundi in France, Karonte Distribuciones in Spain and Portugal and Proper Music in the UK.

Popscotch‘  and ‘Did You Mrs. Me?’ have also worldwide digital distribution by The Orchard.



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