Driving Mrs. Satan make room for quietness into the history of heavy metal, borrowing lyrics and melodies from long haired 80s hard rock, conditioner-only-washing them into the whispered politeness of indie pop, and rinsing them with the passion of jazzy, sound centered, avant-pop.

Claudia’s unique voice is at once erotic and ethereal, transforming ferocious, macabre stories into joyful tales and cosy serenades through Ernesto’s carefully interweaved guitars and trembling vocals, and Giacomo’s beautifully crafted double bass structures.In the midst of a house change in a record-hot summer, Giacomo’s love for heavy metal re-emerged, and he began to re-envisage the songs that made him decide to become a musician in the first place. He found a perfect harmonic companion in Ernesto and they asked Claudia to lay down vocals on a song she never heard before in its original form, Helloween’s I want out: Driving Mrs. Satan was born.

The song was released online in April of 2012 together with other four: ACDC’s Hells Bells, Black Sabbath’s Never Say Die and Judas Priest’s Living After Midnight. After that, they prepared a full record and a live show to bring their music into people’s life and out of the studio.

Despite the band’s folk and world provenance, Driving Mrs. Satan have created one of 2013’s most interesting pop debuts. Indeed, their music feels like anything but hit covers –they managed to create a new, fresh and sophisticated dimension where the songs loose any weight and can be re-explored in their simplest shape. The gentle sound demands attention and anticipates possession.

‘Popscotch’, comprised of old metal classics performed with clear female vocals, soft guitars and double bass, has been released by Agualoca records on November 7 2013.

Did You Mrs. Me? will be released on February 5th 2016 in Italy and on March 5th 2016 in Germany, via Agualoca records.


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