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In 2012 three Italian musicians had the idea of playing some heavy metal tunes in a very different way. They made a selection of the songs they liked the most, and started rearranging them into a folk-pop style.

Songs by Black Sabbath, Metallica, Iron Maiden and many more…re-imagined with female vocals, double bass and acoustic guitars. They recorded a number of songs, and released them online to see what people thought of it.

And people loved it.

One day they found their music had been on Nikki Sixx’s radio broadcast Sixx Sense. Reviewers went crazy. An explosion in the blogshphere.

6000 Facebook followers and 100.000 Youtube views later, their debut album, Popscotch, was in stores. And on Amazon. And on iTunes. And on Spotify.


Some time later, their “heavy metal made easier” ended up on Das Erste’s TV Show Titel, Thesen, Temperamente, they started playing all around Europe, and because that was fun, they’re still doing it.

In February (Italy) and March (Germany) 2016 they will release their second album “Did You Mrs. Me?” and start a new tour